Quotes Investing in Amarin was the best investment of my life. Sure, at first it was stressful. Watching the Price Per Share tumble month after month, week after week, was certainly difficult. But now that I lost all my money, life is so much easier. I don't worry about my portfolio any more - its gone. I encourage everyone to invest in Amarin. Should the PPS continue in its direction, you too will feel the stress of money disappear as I did. My heart feels better not having any money to worry about. I don't even need Vascepa now! Oh - I also want to comment on the Banana Daiquiri - I will submit a great recipe in an upcoming testimonial! Don't miss it!!! Quotes

Quotes I invested money in this company. ooo eeee ooo eee eee ooooo eeeee oooooo oooo eee eee eeeee oooo!!! Quotes
Worst Investment EVER!

Quotes I have a small brain. I invested in Amarin. Now I have a small investment account. Quotes
Small Investment