Vascepa is an FDA approved drug for treating Triglycerides (>500mg/dl)


The FDA only wants to approve Vascepa for Triglyceride levels above 500mg.  Even though its incredibly safe - Much safer than any other treatment for Triglycerides...


If you have high Triglycerides but not above 500mg, Vascepa is not an approved treatment.  

Or even worse, if you invested in this company you most likely lost tons of MONEY!!!  

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You can read really interesting science on EPA and how it can be heart health - OR - you can start researching Banana Daiquiris and realize THEY may be the secret to a healthy/stress free life.  The FDA doesn't believe there is a need at this moment in time for a safe way to lower you triglyceride levels.  They may however see the need for Banana Daiquiris to be implemented in our diets.  We can start a phase 1 study soon to show the FDA that Banana Daiquiris may be the heart healthy supplement they have been waiting for.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you feel you may want to participate and enroll in these studies use our contact us or testimonial page.  Please keep in mind that the FDA can ignore our SPA agreement at any time and therefore waste millions in good rum used in our study even if they do agree with the study up front.....  But hey - at least you get to drink some rum.  Well thats if you are not in the placebo group that is.  Oh- and we don't use mineral oil.  We use Vodka!!!  We think the FDA recognizes that Vodka is OK to use as a placebo.  Well thats before we use it.  After we use it they may change their mind.  But we can't worry about that now.  That's for the lawyers to worry about!!!

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